It’s important to us to provide an environment that feels safe & supportive, and our members play a large role in that. Individuals experience a social setting that allows them to spend time with others who share similar experiences.

Our groups and meetings allow our members to discuss openly what’s happening in their lives, any struggles or victories they’d like to share, and in general spend one on one time with each other.

Pixie Stevens, Member at Empowerment Network

“[Groups] give us ideas and fun which gives you a good and happy day. [They are] a good way to learn and make friends.”

- Pixie Stevens -


Bi-Polar Group

Tuesdays 5 pm – 7 pm

Schizophrenics Anonymous

Wednesdays 4 pm – 5 pm


Bi-Polar / Depression Support Group

This support group is affiliated with DBSA (Depressive/Bipolar Support Alliance) which is a national organization. DBSA provides the resources we need to have an informative and valuable support group. In addition to the group itself, we offer a lending library with books and free literature. The group is open to those who have depression or bipolar disorder. Family and friends are welcome to attend DBSA. There is no cost to participate in this group.

Schizophrenics Anonymous

Schizophrenics Anonymous (SA) is a self-help support group organized and managed by their peers with schizophrenia or a related disorder. It is a recovery-oriented group with a six step program. When we find mutual support and acceptance in an SA group, we are able to combat the feelings of loneliness and osilation that often come with schizophrenia-related disorders. We are all one big family in SA.